How To Put Startup Files in Windows 10 with shell:startup

Default Startup Files

First, it could be a file, a folder, or something else. startup files are files that open automatically when you sign in to Windows, so the advantage is that if you want a specific file that opens automatically when you turn on your computer. So you can keep it here and don't need to open it manually.

My Personal Usage

Usually, when I sign in to my Windows I have to open the Microsoft Visual Studio code, Google Chrome, and my folder manually, so it takes some time to open but now I put these things in the startup folder and I don't need to open it manually, it opens automatically for me when I sign in to my windows.

How to Setup Startup Files

  • Press Window + R and type shell:startup

  • Put all of the files, software, or folders that you want to set in the startup.

  • Now you've done it and can try the demo.

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