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Team Krope

Krope is a multi-focused IT team that provides website and business services through its software house, along with practical-focused IT and programming short courses through its academy. The Krope developers' community regularly shares modern and advanced code snippets and industry news on Krope Codes. Additionally, Team Krope is dedicated to developing custom online web tools that promise a helpful and unique online experience.

Krope was established by Huzaifa Asim for the first time in 2023 with the name "HunerOn Platform" and the motive to build a standard software house, academy, blog platform, and custom online website and tools to resolve more issues while working and provide a good and unique experience with its tools.

Krope Posting

Krope Posting is the developers' community of Team Krope where developers and some verified users share information about technology. Mainly, Krope Codes focuses on code snippets, IT industry news, and more information about technology, with the motive to build it on a large scale where users can share their knowledge with others and also read the topics provided by others. This will be helpful for individuals and who want to promote their account, company, or anything else. Because with the article upload, it provides the option to give a watermark or the link of what you want to promote.

Krope Solutions

Krope Solutions is currently the under-development software house of Team Krope, where they focus on providing IT, business, and website solutions. Currently, the services are limited and provide services like website development, social media management, YouTube and Facebook management, portfolio, product information, personal, or company websites on a small scale, with hopes to expand for big projects soon.

Krope Learning

Krope Learning is an Information Technology Academy that focuses on practical-focused learning, provides internship programs, and gives students the chance to work with Krope. Students will be in touch with not only their computer teacher but also real-time working professionals at Team Krope to get a perfect idea about what they are working on and how they will be working in the industry if they want. The courses provided by Krope Learning are website designing, office automation, website development, graphic designing, digital marketing, and social media management.

Krope Shop

Krope Shop is the online shop of Team Krope connected with A & R Print Associates, where you will find customized gift items like pens or copies with your given image or name, couples showpieces, custom-designed cups, and many more customized gift items. Currently, only the Facebook shop is available, and in the future, you will see the website to order your favorite product.

Krope Store

Krope Store is a future product of Team Krope, where they will focus on affiliate-based products. Here, you will be able to promote your product and get customers and orders for it.

Meet the Partners of Team Krope

High Rated Patch, A & R Associates, Movies Goo, Kodrz, Orbit

Beta Phase

As Team Krope is restarting the company, it is currently in the beta phase, collecting and working on your feedback, and looking forward to making it stable soon.

"We would prefer you to provide your review, suggestions, or ideas through social media and Google. Alternatively, you can also share your thoughts in the inbox. For email communication, please reach out to us at huzaifa@teamkrope.com."

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