Rubix Cube Man Picture - Rubix Cube Profile and DP - AI Generated Images #02

Image Description

In this scene, we see a person sitting in a small, old wooden storeroom. There's a clock on the wall ticking away the time, and a window lets in the sunshine, brightening up the room. The person is wearing a red hoodie from the Krope brand and seems to be really into puzzles because there are lots of Rubik's cubes around. They're holding a solved 5x5 Rubik's cube in their hand, and there's a bunch of other cubes scattered on the floor.

You can also see the person's white shoes and notice the details of their beard, hair, and the veins on their hands. It's amazing because this picture isn't a real photo—it's created by artificial intelligence using Microsoft Designer's Image Creator. It looks so realistic that it's hard to believe it's not a photograph!

Image Detail

Bits Per Sample: 8
Color Components: 3
Encoding Process: Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Exif Byte Order: Big-endian (Motorola, MM)
File Access Date: 2024-02-22 19:12:35 +0000
File Inode Change Date: 2024-02-22 19:12:35 +0000
File Modify Date: 2024-02-22 19:12:35 +0000
File Type: JPEG
File Type Extension: .jpg
Image Height: 1024
Image Size: 1024x1024
Image Width: 1024
JFIF Version: 1.01
MIME Type: image/jpeg
Megapixels: 1.0
Resolution Unit: inches
X Resolution: 96
YCbCr SubSampling: YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)
Y Resolution: 96
Camera: No
AI Tool: Image Creator from Microsoft Designer

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